Where Is Replica Magic Located

In October 2020, the domain name of the replica magic online store that was originally in the top 3 in Google has been updated to www1.replicamagic.to. If you're looking for the replicamagic store, please click here. We know that changing the domain name for a store with such high traffic levels is not a sensible choice, but we had to do it.

Why Do We Have To Change The Domain Name?


From the beginning of October 2020, the replica magic website suddenly completely disappeared from google searches. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, replicamagic.to is the number one replica watches online store, the most popular and trustworthy dealer. The reason why replicamagic website suddenly disappeared from Google was deemed "malicious" and got hit by a google penalty. That is, Google had to take the www.replicamagic.to site off of searches. so we had to change the domain name to www1.replicamagic.to.

Other Than The Domain Name, No Other Changes

Nothing has changed other than changing the domain name from www.replicamagic.to to www1.replicamagic.to. The store is still in normal operation, just changed the name. We still offer the best replica watches and the best service. However, Google thinks that www1.replicamagic.to is a new store and will not give a good ranking to the "new" replica magic store. So you can't see our store in the first position for now. According to Google ranking rules it will take about 3-6 months for the "new" replica magic store to get back to the first position. If you need to buy fake watches or are looking for a replicamagic store, please click here to go directly to the store.

Orders And Members Of The "Old" Replicamagic Store

Because the replicamagic store has a long history and is quite popular, the store attracts many registered users. Every day many people buy knock off watches from the replicamagic store. Customers who placed orders in the "old" replicamagic store should click on the "new" replicamagic store link to confirm your purchase. We retain your registration and order information, so you can confirm your order by logging in directly to www1.replicamagic.to using your original username and password. The high quality replica watches that have been paid for but have not yet been shipped will be shipped as normal. Take it easy, there will be no problems with your personal information, your watch or your money. You can also direct any questions to [email protected]

Coupon Code "replicamagic"

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to all the new and old users. So, from today Replica Magic will offer a lot of valuable coupons. Please enter the coupon code "replicamagic" directly into the order confirmation page before you pay and the system will automatically reduce the price. Trust me, the coupon amount will be a big surprise for you. Of course, the coupon can only be used at www1.replicamagic.to for a limited time, so please buy it as soon as possible to avoid any regrets.

Finally, Replica Magic is still serving for everyone. Please continue to support us as we are constantly working hard. TKS.