Military Style New Replica TAG Heuer Watch

For anyone who is looking to add a nuance of military to your style, TAG Heuer's new camouflage Aquaracer maybe for you.

TAG Heuer carrera was one of the pioneers in waterproofed time pieces. Back in 1895, founder Edouard Heuer released the first pocket watch with a waterproof circumstance. Then in 1939 arrived the first waterproof timepiece watch. Through the years, many of fake TAG Heuer Replica Watch Tag Heuer Formula 1 time pieces have proven themselves worthy in gratifying the needs of drinking water sport enthusiasts.

In 2002 the Swiss watchmaker provided the Aquagraph, an ALL OF US Navy SEALS approved watch that was not only in a position to withstand the battering expected of military use, but also able to withstand underwater pressure of up to 50 teller machines. The following year MARKING Heuer released the Aquaracer, offering everything that the Aquagraph did, only in a more attractive style.

Replica Watch Tag Heuer Formula 1_12

The Aquaracer is now available in either a NATO inspired blue hide look or a khaki print. Both styles feature replica Tag Heuer's programmed La 5 movement with particular date in a 43mm sandblasted titanium case and a sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating. The robust light and portable timepiece is water resilient up to 300 meters, and features a hard bezel with a small track.

Military inspired look of the new replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer doesn't only make it look challenging, it is built difficult to be the perfect addition to your look, however hostile the environment.