Rolex Cellini dress replica watch

At Baselworld 2016, Rolex introduced a few new styles of the recently re-launched Rolex Cellini ladies watch collection. Let's face it - since the re-launch in 2014, the Cellini was the sleep collection at Rolex. My favorite new-for-2016 Rolex Cellini replica is a new dial style for the timeless "Cellini Time" model in an 18k white gold or 18k gold Everose pouch. as seen here in the reference 50505 that is available

The impeccable line of replica watches from Rolex, the Cellini replica series, is the ultimate in sophistication. Ideal candidates for the sophisticated style of an Everose business, the radiant pink tone corresponds to business or formal clothing without the suddenness of yellow gold or the coldness of steel.

  1. Beautiful dial with the guilloche dial
  2. Elegant timeless look
  3. A certain weight compared to other gold dress watches, probably due to back covered
  4. Reliable Rolex movement - this will be more reliable or more durable than movements of dress watches in the same price range.
Best Rolex Cellini Replica Watches

My first impression was ... Rolex made three calendars with the moon phase. And, truthfully, this is a classic replica watch, tuned to utmost perfection. The replica Cellini Time represents a design from a different time, and as we already mentioned in the first video review of the Cellini-date, it is often risky against the three-handed heavyweights, being the replica Tag Heuer Carrera and the Patek Philippe Calatrava. It deserves to be mentioned in this company, and for me, this model is the choice of the wider Cellini range. Some of the font elements of the previous model were not too well outdated. Those elongated Roman figures, for example. This iteration gets absolutely good, especially the new cleaner, even more, classic dial.

Our Ref. 50525 is a special example of the collection. Complicated by the standards for clothing watches, and in particular, according to Rolex standards for clothing watches, the watch has a dual time display that also includes a day and night indicator. A small aperture in the sub-dial position shows a sun on a white background to show day in a different time zone, and a moon against a black background for the night.

With a design that has an eye on classic Rolexes from the past, even up to the small dome of the early bubble balls, the ref. 50525 is a modern vintage replica watch - a beautiful piece of clothing for the discerning business traveler and a great investment.

When I put it on, he felt ... like no other Rolex I have worn, thanks largely to his extremely slim profile. It is one of the slimmest in the catalog and thanks to these tapered cams it is very close to the wrist. The polished back of the 'bubble back' gives it a more cushiony feel to my GMT-Master II, a replica watch that I wear most days. It is extremely comfortable.

Fueled by the Cal. 3180, a derivative of the workhorse 3132 that drives the will of the Explorer, the Cellini Dual Time has the impeccable reliability we expect from the brand Rolex, formed around an extra slim profile. Do not expect any details from Haute-Horlogerie. This is clearly not the point of Rolex, which is known for its strong focus on daily usability, reliability, durability, and precision (and the movement is not visible anyway). The movement of the Rolex Cellini replica Dual Time Ref. 50525 is similar to the rest of this watch: sharp, extremely well executed and feels superior when worn.

The beautiful Everose cover, which at 39 mm is surprisingly large for a dress watch, is covered with a striking double edge. The coin border is reminiscent of the wavy edges that distinguish certain editions of the Day-Date, but with an even greater degree of complexity and elegance.

The silver guilloche dial has a tasteful flamboyance; the applied hour markers are cut through a delicate miniscule track, which, just like its slender dagger hands, is finished in the same Everose gold as is the case.

The white paint disc shows that no costs were saved when dressing the Cellini, and the same can be said about the moon phase disk, which has an enamel treatment.

In terms of price positioning, Rolex replica also strikes hard, with a suggested retail price of $ 150 for this replica Rolex Cellini Dual Time Ref. 50525. Do not forget that it is a solid gold watch, with a rather complicated and well-finished dial and with a movement that shows more and more.