Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 replica

The Rolex Submariner replica is available with a diameter of 29 mm, 35 mm or 40 mm. It is also available in steel and platinum, steel and yellow gold, or simply in yellow gold. While the original 18kt yellow gold Rolex Yachmaster 16628 was introduced in 1992, Rolex continued to introduce the new version of the replica Yacht-Master in the coming years. In 1994, the ladies and medium-sized Rolex Yacht master were introduced, both in 18kt yellow gold. In 1999, Rolex released the Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 at Baselworld, which was steel and platinum, or 'Rolesium', a term that Rolex patented to refer to his two-tone bracelets. The stainless steel and 18kt yellow gold Rolex Yachtmaster 16623 was introduced in 2005.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 replica


The case feels solid as usual, just as you would expect from Rolex: robust and comfortable. The ring, which rotates bidirectionally, is made of platinum and looks good. The ring feels less "clicky" (I do not know how I could express it better) versus the unidirectional edge of the submarine, but this watch is also not meant as a diver watch. Some owners of Yachtmaster noticed that the bezel is sensitive to scratches and dents, which I have experienced, especially when I am very careful with my watches and my forearm does not swing fanatically. As usual, nothing can be seen on the back of the case, even though it is a well-built movement that is known to have high accuracy.


The rhodium dial is very similar, but not exactly on the 114300 Oyster Perpetual 39mm rhodium dial (which I turned over to finance this Yachtmaster purchase). Similar to this 39 mm OP model, readability is sometimes a problem for the hands, because it takes half a second before the eyes distinguish them from the dark dial. The hands and index are all in white gold. The lume is shining very well and radiates a bluish glow. The blue second hand and line of "Yachtmaster" look sharp against the rhodium dial. Like some comments I've read, it's pretty amazing how the small changes in the hand and 1 line of text (versus red hand and platinum dial) make such a difference that enough to cause a WOW with many fans to pay more attention to this model.


The bracelet is also very comfortable to wear and is my favorite Rolex bracelet style that is the oyster. More about the bracelet later in the comparison table of the submarine.


I like how the Yachtmaster dress up both (perhaps not completely formal, black tie occasions, but absolutely fine to deal with office environment and a coat) and to dress down (pretty much weekend casual clothes for me). I will not wear this watch for sports because my trusted g-shock will be the best watch. The watch feels light and remains well positioned on the forearm.

Strengthened by this popularity, the 116622 that debuted on Basel 2016 ended up in the same way with his own unique sense of identity. It is available in steel and rose gold or steel and platinum, but the model with the sunburst-gray dial is my eye-catching favorite. With just a subtle pop of color from the blue seconds hand and lettering, it is a cool and understated watch that says luxury without rubbing your face. Powered by the 3135 automatic caliber (which comes with Rolex 'superlative stopwatch certification), the watch has all the functionality it always had - and a new sense of self-confidence to boot. The Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 is my not so guilty pleasure - and I feel that I am not the only one.