Blue Dial Rolex Datejust 41 replica watch review

ask a random replica watches about Rolex, and chances are you'll be forgiven for stories about rare vintage Daytonas or the high-tech two-tone Cerachrome bezels on the new GMT. Few collectors and enthusiasts will talk about the Datejust right away - and that can be a mistake. As one of the more subdued members of the Rolex family, the Datejust has a great combination of true history, versatile style and quality watches that should enthuse everyone from the casual watchmaker to the die-hard enthusiast. Here we take the modern 41mm Datejust for a spin while giving you an in-depth insight into where this replica watch comes from and why it is one of the biggest watches of all time.

Best Rolex Datejust 41mm Replica

The collection replica Rolex Datejust 41 replaces the previous collection Rolex Datejust II. Although both lines have the same size of 41 mm, the newer Datejust 41 watches have a thinner profile, slimmer cams and a slimmer edge than its predecessor. It also contains another movement, the Rolex Caliber 3235, which we will discuss in more detail below.

I have been wearing the Rolex 126333 Datejust 41 fairly regularly during the last few months as part of my normal clockwork rotation. This is one of those watches that I also added to my own collection. It was not until I could wear the watch for a while that I could really develop a relationship with the Rolex Datejust in a way that many owners have done during the long life of the collection. One of the most important questions I tried to answer in the context of my assessment is "in what category does this watch fit?" I will explain why that question is important later.

The fact that a watch is owned by famous people is not very relevant to me. However, for some people it is and the Datejust can be found on the wrists of many celebrities or seen in movies, where they even get a little attention, like in American Psycho, where character Patrick Bateman tells his' victim 'to' Do not touch the watch. "The Datejust may not have the same status as the date date, but it is certainly a very recognizable watch, even for those who are not considered watch enthusiasts or collectors.It is important that you can tune the Rolex Datejust your personal style.If you like to keep things in stealth mode, you prefer understatement, a Datejust in stainless steel with Oyster bracelet, a smooth steel ring and a blue or silver colored dial.If the Rolex Date is just your watch are glamor and bling shows, then you can choose a two-tone (steel and yellow gold or steel and Everose gold for example), you choose the fluted gold ring, a two-tone e Jubilee bracelet and a slate dial with green Roman numerals. You can make the Datejust as you want.

In the first place, do not expect any drastic changes in the Datejust. It is Rolex that we talk about and every new model is usually an evolution of the previous rather than a complete revision. For example, the Datejust 41, the one that replaces the Datejust 2, has many similarities, the first being the diameter of 41 mm. So you might think that it has the same problem: being big. You would be wrong, however. Indeed, Rolex applied the same recipe on the Datejust as the Day-Date 40 that was launched in 2015: slimmer case, thinner edge and more tapered cams. All in all, these are simply proportions, but these new relationships make the Datejust a lot more elegant and subdued.

Seen from the side, the central container that contains the movement is narrower, narrower and the ends of the protrusions are more curved and more pointed, which means that the watch gives both a slimmer form and - important fact - the Datejust 41 perfect "cuddles" "the wrist - even for people with smaller wrists. This watch can be 41 mm wide, it is absolutely smaller. The slimmer case also makes it possible to wear this watch under a cuff, which is quite important, taking into account that most wearers will use this watch (business environment or casual chic places). In short, the housing is more elegant, more compact and the different proportions given by the larger dial / thinner edge gives more presence to this watch.

The stainless steel 41 mm Oyster bag sits nicely on the wrist, but the slim profile and the tapered cams ensure a super comfortable fit. There are various options for the white Rolesor Datejust 41, including blue, black, rhodium, silver and mother-of-pearl. There is also a choice between luminous stick hour markers and diamond indexes. The new Rolex Datejust 41 ref. 126334 also offers both the sporty Oyster bracelet and the elegant Jubilee bracelet. The most photogenic option and the only Rolex used for all his press photos, however, is definitely the blue dial, stick indexes and Oyster bracelet model. Beautiful contemporary, yet classic Rolex.

The other new Datejust model is the all stainless steel version, ref. 126300. With the same Oyster housing of 41 mm, the only bezel option is, of course, a dome-shaped handle. Choice choices only contain black, white and rhodium-all with stick indexes -for now, but Rolex will most likely tell more about it in the future. And carriers also have a choice between the Oyster and Jubilee bracelet.

Rolex debuted in the Day-Date 40, which is easily the most impressive mechanical movement it has made so far. The best way that Rolex uses to describe the performance of the calibers 3255 and 3235 is to mention that timepieces with these movements are "Superlative Chronometers". "What the caliber is 3255. Although this statement has been used for some time in connection with Rolex watches, it has only recently begun to assume a more precise meaning. This Rolex Datejust 41 replica also has a new movement that extremely resembles the 3255, being the caliber 3235. It is difficult to explain all the ways that the 3235 is special because Rolex has not reinvented the mechanical movement as often as it has reinvented how in a certain volume extremely high mechanical movements can be What I mean by that is an intense attempt to extract as many performances as possible with the same type of architecture. It is as if a car manufacturer releases a new engine that is not necessarily larger or has more displacement, but can get more power through the current letting the system twine and refine.

Blue is a very versatile color for a menswear watch. So the 41mm Rolex Datejust replica watches with a blue dial can be combined with many outfits. Colors such as white, brown, beige and natural blue fit very well in compliments on a watch with a blue dial Datejust. In addition, blue has a scientifically proven calming effect that can degenerate into the stressful working environment of today. Blue Datejust watches are not available in exaggerated striking yellow or rose gold; For example, someone can wear a high quality white gold Datejust 41 without advertising large quantities of wealth. The basic model has a smooth stainless steel rim and a classic oyster wristband. In order to make your Datejust 41 more noticeable, the alternative choice is an anniversary bracelet and/or a white gold fluted rim. You can also choose different dialing counts, depending on your preference. If you really want something unique, you can always ask for an adjustment.